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Get Zufaa For A Reliable Wordpress Backup or Transfer Plan To Safeguard Your Data.

Back-up Cloning & Migration

About This Services

Our Website Clone and Migration service takes the hassle out of moving your website from one platform to another. Whether you’re moving to a new hosting provider, changing content management systems, or simply creating a backup, our team of experts will handle the entire migration process for you.

Your WordPress site might be destroyed by hackers, server outages, faulty updates, or user errors.

That’s why you need Zufaa. Installing WordPress immediately will ensure the security of your website. Zufaa is a comprehensive solution for site duplication, staging, and backup. 

It’s frustrating to put a lot of time and effort into improving your website just to have it all wiped out by a mistake that wasn’t even your fault due to a configuration issue or unforeseen circumstance. 

Whether you want to move an existing site or have a brand-new site ready to go live and replace your old site, we can help you move your WordPress site to a new hosting provider or help you move your website safely and quickly. 

We provide our expertise in – 

  • Incremental backups
  • Manual/automated backups
  • Cloning
  • Migrate your website to its new hosting panel 
  • Migration (speedy with Migrator)
  • Scheduled automatic/manual incremental backups
  • Restoring option in the control panel
  • Extra add-ons

Using cutting-edge technology, we’ve made a powerful platform that lets you control all of your websites from afar simultaneously. Zufaa makes it easy to back up, restore, migrate, and manage all of the themes, plugins, and cores for multiple websites with just one login.

We can guarantee:

  • 100% customer satisfaction guarantee
  •  We’ll work with you until you’re satisfied
  • Friendly Communication

Our helpful support team is made up of people who are experts in WordPress website clones and have excellent technical knowledge. Almost any problem, including those unique to heavily customized WordPress sites, can be fixed by our team. Send us a message, and we’re eager to get your feedback.

Choose Your Package

Choose a package that suits your needs !



Basic WordPress Migration
Migrate into the same hosting panel. hosting provider change, domain name. Big websites also supported



WordPress Backup & Data Transfer
Migrate between any web panel or VPS.Move/Clone/migrate your sites to cloud or anywhere!



Not only WP, Migrate/Move/Backup,cloning any types of sites to any panel. Either it’s PhP,or Laravel

If you don’t find a suitable package for yourself 

text us for a custom package.

Custom Offer


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Frequently asked questions ( FAQs )

When placing an order, you must provide the following information: 1. Your old and new login information for web hosting 2. Login information for the WordPress administrator 3. The new hosting service’s nameservers 4. Access to the account used to get the domain from you so we may update the nameservers there.
Within an hour or two, it can be finished.
Yes! Please get in touch with us so that we may talk about your possibilities.
Yes, there can be some extra expenses to address it before it can be transferred, but do get in touch so that we can talk about your issue.
The TAR.GZ or ZIP file formats will be used to deliver your WordPress files. As a “.SQL.ZIP” file, your database files will be compressed. One sizable ZIP file containing both files will be provided. we ‘ll send you this file via DropBox

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