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Quality Assurance Service

About This Services

Quality Assurance Service (QA Services) is an integral part of our workflow. We understand that a flawless website is not just visually appealing but also functional, user-friendly, and optimized for performance.

Our dedicated team of quality assurance specialists works diligently to meticulously review and test every aspect of the websites we create, ensuring that they meet and exceed client expectations.

Compatibility testing ensures that the website is consistent and fully functional across various platforms, browsers, and operating systems. Performance testing allows us to optimize loading times, responsiveness, and overall website speed, ensuring an optimal user experience.

We provide a full range of human and automated testing services that adhere to industry-accepted quality assurance standards and best practices while keeping our client’s unique needs in mind.

If you’re looking for QA outsourcing services, look no further than our Zufaa expert team. You can stop looking for a software testing firm for highly technical work.

We do –

  • Manual Testing
  • Usability Testing
  • UI Testing
  • User Experience Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Responsiveness Testing
  • Bugs and errors Testing

And you will get:

  • A detailed pdf Report
  • Annotated Screenshots
  • Suggestions for Improvements

With Zufaa’s exceptional quality assurance service (QA Services), clients can have the confidence that their websites will be meticulously tested, optimized, and refined to provide an outstanding user experience.

Choose Your Package

Choose a package that suits your needs !



QA for small app or website
1 hour of testing – provide screenshot OR screen recording for all issues



QA Standard
3 hour of testing – provide screenshot OR screen recording for all issues



QA Premium
6 hour of testing – provide screenshot OR screen recording for all issues

If you don’t find a suitable package for yourself 

text us for a custom package.

Frequently asked questions ( FAQs )

We can deliver in 15-18 hours minimum. A complete testing report will be provided. You can buy extras for the speedy delivery and contact me first for a custom order.
We always strive to keep the owner informed, there are instances when we choose to go it alone and analyze the application – but you can still anticipate daily findings and conversations in the evening of our local time.
We manage the test cases/documents on both Excel and word documents as with requirements for the client. Additionally, We can create them on an existing platform for you.
Yes we can . place a custom order and let’s talk..


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