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1x User sign in for me (ONLY) with emailable password recovery + 4 number Pin Access sign in:
1x 2 page Private link invoice site
1x Instant usd gift card fiat top up ( also useable with prepaid debit /credt or any bank type cards )
1x 25% instant bonus on each top up each time
1x 15 min Direct Deposit | multiple deposit version: bank name account no. routing no. full name billing address
1x Simple web d Design
1x Unlimited use: No limit to top up value, or times a top up is conducted
1x A Crisp Money Ding sound notifications on all successful deposits and top ups to the usd fiat wallet
1x A Crisp Money Cha-Ching sound notifications on all successful instant withdrawals
1x Turn sound button and desktop email + sms notifications: on and off

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