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Zufaa develops methods for completing customer projects faster and more effectively.

How We Work


This is a very important and interactive stage in which we learn about the project. We start by doing a lot of research before we make plans to promote the service you require.

In this step:

  • We will collect all relevant information connected to the brand
  • We will discuss everything about your project & what you expect from us
  • We will give you a project overview about how the project will be done successfully

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We can get serious now that you’ve accepted our package. At this point, we’ll go through the project plan & timeline in detail, and ensure everything is for the development phase.


In this step:


  • We research organization’s goals and objectives and how they want it on different platforms.
  • We research organization’s goals and objectives and how they want it on different platforms.
  • By carefully plotting out every detail, we increase our odds of success and our ability to achieve pinpoint accuracy.


While it’s important to put together a plan, it’s even more critical to be able to put that plan into action. We have a team that can successfully manage any area of creative solution you want.


In this step:


  • Once the action plan is set and everyone agrees we will start putting it into action.
  • We will discuss you through the steps, which will make it easier for you to understand project milestone.
  • We’d work for a certain amount of time and keep putting our plans into action based on what we’d talked about.

Review and Release

After completing every project we deeply test and analyze everything about your project details and make sure everything matches with your project requirements.


In this step:

  • A comprehensive analysis of the project and check if everything has been done accordingly
  • Make any necessary changes after getting feedback from you
  • Even after project submission if you need need to change anything we will be happy to help.

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