What factors should consider when choosing a free directory WordPress theme?

free directory WordPress theme

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There are so many free directory WordPress themes from which it’s backbreaking to find out the best one. Thereupon, having ideas about the criteria of a good directory theme can help you find out the best one.
Now, I am going to discuss some of them.

Top 5 Important Points for Choosing a free directory WordPress Theme

1. Simplicity

Choose a theme with a simple design that will assist your website delivered messages fast and effectively. Choose a theme that is simple to utilize. A good theme also always offers clear Calls-To-Actions (CTAs) that make your site simple to use.

2. Responsiveness

A good theme is fully functional on any device, which means it must be 100 percent responsive on different devices that users frequently use. Always make sure your theme gives the same eye-pleasing experience whether they use a laptop, tablet, mobile phone, or personal computer to browse your site.

3. SEO friendly

In order to improve WordPress SEO, a well-coded theme is essential. Additionally, a theme with clean code helps Search Engines crawl your site more easily.

4. User-friendly Design

Before selecting a theme, make sure it’s well-designed and easily navigable. Because doing so will enable you to thoroughly assess the design, it is preferable to focus on the theme’s demo first.

5. Check Ratings and Reviews

It’s a good practice to check the related reviews and ratings before selecting a theme for your WordPress site. For the free WordPress theme, you will find the ‘Ratings’ option under the ‘Preview’ and ‘Download’ buttons on the ‘Theme’ page under the wordpress.org site.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Q: What is a free WordPress theme?

Ans: Free WordPress themes are indeed totally free, with no strings attached. The lack of features in free themes makes them lean, and therefore typically faster to load.

Q: Are free WordPress themes good?

Ans: Are free WordPress themes worth using? Yes, free WordPress themes like Astra and OceanWP are worth using. Astra offers a strong foundation with excellent features and code quality, making it ideal for those looking to build a WooCommerce store.

Q: What is a directory of themes in WordPress?

Ans: The themes directory is located within wp-content and is named themes. This is the directory that contains all the themes available on your website.


By considering these factors, you can choose a free directory WordPress theme that meets your design preferences and functional requirements and offers a positive user experience for your directory website.

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