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Get our browser extension development services to create a superior browsing environment that is safe, quick, and personalized.

Browser Extension

About This Services

Browser Extension Development Services improve the user’s experience by modifying the way the browser interacts with the user. Zufaa is dedicated to providing the best possible browser extension services at the most competitive prices possible. 

We have skilled programmers and software developers on staff, and one of their specialties is creating adaptable and feature-packed browser add-ons. 

We put in an incredible effort to develop a lightweight and inventive browser add-on capable of handling enormous amounts of data and complex transactions without compromising performance. Therefore, the development services for browser extensions employ state-of-the-art methods and promise only the best in terms of content.

Our Services in Browser Extension Development:

  • Unique and stunning UI/UX for your browser extension.
  • Interaction with multiple pages.
  • Extension published on Chrome Store / Mozilla Addons.
  • Firefox extensions / MS Edge Extensions.
  • Bug fixing.
  • Custom extension for your website
  • Web scraping extension
  • Automate form submission
  • Automate repetitive tasks on the web.
  • Filter listings on websites
  • Extending Product Research (Amazon, eBay, Walmart).
  • Change how a website looks and how it works.
  • Customize the design and functionality of any website
  • API integration.
  • Data Parsing into (JSON, CSV, TXT, XML) or (EXEL & GOOGLE SHEET).

Our team of advisors is prepared to support your endeavors, whether you require an extension for Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera, or even a solution that works across many browsers. 

We construct a one-of-a-kind solution while combining the most powerful platforms on the market. Trust our expert programmers to create, refine, and expand your business with the aid of our browser plugin development services.

Perks of Browser Extension Development

The simple, low-cost, and highly-customizable nature of browser add-ons makes them ideal for enhancing the online browsing experience. They are built with languages like HTML and JavaScript and styles like CSS to improve speed, security, and functionality. The following are some of the benefits of creating browser add-ons and plugins.

Data Storage Organization

With the help of add-ons for web browsers, users can preserve and organize their data systematically. A user can save time and effort by looking up secure data without guessing where it is stored.

Develop Easily

The browser add-on takes less time to build and deploy. It saves time and money because it doesn’t require different resources.

Quick sync

With the help of browser add-ons, data may be synchronized across all connected devices and viewed from anywhere at any time. You might save time and effort if you keep all of your information in one place.

Advertising That’s a Breeze

This browser add-on answers the tedious task of manually promoting your business. These add-ons make marketing easier to access and facilitate the collection of information and pre-filled forms that will prove valuable in the long run.

Seeking Expertise in Browser Extension Development?

Your ideas will be taken care of by our in-house team of expert developers who specialize in creating Browser Extensions. It is in Zufaa’s interest to learn about your business goals and objectives and to join you in making them a reality.

Choose Your Package

Choose a package that suits your needs !



Bugs Fixing
Simple extension as per requirement or a small bug fixing service



Extension with advanced functionality and API access in extension.



Custom Creation
Full fledged extension as per requirements with Web based Admin Panel.

If you don’t find a suitable package for yourself 

text us for a custom package.

Custom Offer


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Frequently asked questions ( FAQs )

To develop the UI, we use HTML / CSS and JavaScript. Browser extensions run with JavaScript. To do the functions, we use JavaScript and PHP for Backend development. We are in if you need us to use a framework like ReactJs.
It depends on how complex the extension is. However, we can guarantee that we can deliver a finished project by the promised deadline. Remember, we love to do under promising delivery.
Yes, we’ll upload the extension to the Chrome Web Store.
Your extension will go under review when published for the first time. The review process usually takes one day or more.
If there is any question not listed here, please let us know!

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